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Artist Statement

People, movement and life inspire me to paint; capturing an emotion, expression or gesture in action, gives great joy to the painting process and greater joy when the viewer receives the same.

Pastels paints have been my primary medium.  Pastel paints provide endless opportunity for a variety of applications on many surfaces.  I have explored using Pastel paints with water and rubbing alcohol, applied with a brush to the background.  This process has given dramatic results in pushing the foreground into an almost three-dimensional effect. 

Oils have been a favorite to work with also.  The process of an oil painting takes much longer, so I decide my medium according to the time allotted and the effect desired.  I consider Water Color to be the dessert medium. It has a life of its own and provides the most exhilarating process of questions and response.

Development of a painting in any medium for me begins with the value sketch.  Next, the form is developed through analysis of the light direction.  The shadows, cast shadows, reflected light, and highlights determine the temperature and color scheme.  The last development for me is to push the background and foreground into contrasts, so the painting ‘pops’ and the original subject’s life is captured.

Taking inspiration from a ‘three-dimensional’ life breathing object and then painting it on a ‘two-dimensional’ surface becomes magical to me as the artist.  If the viewer is drawn into the painting’s life by association, then I know I have succeeded.